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Are you feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed? Would you rather sit in the privacy of your own space, or work through things on your schedule? I love healing in the middle of the night when the house is calm and quiet. If so, maybe some of my self-help options will be the right tools to help.

I can teach you how to overcome negative feelings and behaviours, and replace them with life-enhancing ones. You can learn how to relieve the emotional contributors to physical pain, and overcome resistance to change. Some of the courses can also help you lose weight, eliminate phobias and fears, and reduce stress hormones.

My website offers a variety of courses, programs, eBooks, and MP3s that can help you reduce stress, relieve anxiety and improve your life. You can use these skills to help you overcome anxiety, depression, and addiction. Improve your relationships, finances, and health.

You can also sign up for my mailing list to receive updates on new courses, programs, eBooks, and MP3s.

Self-Help Options:


Listen to Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life and clear "Universal Issues" using Dr. Nim's Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) technique. I've created 3 hours of scripts for you to use your cue word and put your subconscious to work. Learn all about it here in a FREE WEBINAR.

Learn to Tap On That with Emotional Freedom Techniques (coming soon). This is a recorded webinar training to teach you the "Basic Recipe" of EFT and how to make it most effective. I haven't met anyone that this doesn't work for! You can also find complementary products for additional support and success with the Personal Peace Procedure Workbook and EFT Tapping Scripts Booklet


Learn 50 of the Communication Skills that I teach in Couple's Counselling, they are great for every conversation and strengthening your relationships.  

Need some romance inspiration? How about a Romantic Date idea and conversation starter a date night once a week for a year?!?

Make parenting just a little easier with a Crash Course to Parenting, tips, tricks and techniques, the closest thing to the parenting manual I wish my kiddo had come with. 

Learn and set healthy boundaries for yourself with Power of Boundaries eBooklet.

Stress Reduction: 50 tips, tricks and techniques to reduce your stress that you can implement immediately! No appointment necessary in A Guide to Healing Anxiety and Depression

Guided Meditation: stress reduction, box breathing, guided imagery, grounding exercises, and progressive muscle relaxation, layered with Theta Binaural Beats. Jam packed 20 minute stress reduction, that will help you fall asleep. 

Positive Affirmations: 30 minutes of self-confidence, mood boosting affirmations. 

If you are looking to work together in formal therapy or life coaching, you can find all of that information HERE.

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