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Self-Help: Heal Stress, Anxiety & Depression

by Kimberly Michelle, RPC-C

Looking for ways to improve your mental well-being and say goodbye to stress, anxiety, and depression? On waiting lists, but want to help yourself ASAP?


Look no further than Self-Help: Heal Stress, Anxiety and Depression!


With 70 proven and evidence-based techniques to help you overcome your mental health struggles, this book is your ultimate guide to a happier, healthier you.

From mindfulness exercises to cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, our digital download provides you with all the tools you need to take control of your mental health. 


Stress is a common experience that can have negative effects on our mental and physical health. When we're under chronic stress, it can lead to anxiety and depression.


If you're looking for ways to heal yourself, with stress management, coping strategies and healing modalities, this eBook is for you.


Combining these strategies are life changing. It is everything I have used over the last decade to heal my anxiety (agoraphobia) and seasonal affective disorder.


You can heal yourself too. 


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