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Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship

50 Romantic Dates with conversation starters

by Kimberly Michelle, RPC-C

Revive The Romance! As a therapist, one of the questions I hear most frequently is, "What can we do to save our relationship?"


Whether you've been together for two weeks or 20 years, it's important to keep the spark alive. That's why I'm excited to introduce my new eBooklet, 50 Fun Date Night Ideas. This is packed with creative and fun ideas for couples of all ages and stages.


From simple things like cooking dinner together or going on a hikes, to more adventurous activities like rock climbing or zip-lining, there's something in this book for everyone. And best of all, these activities can be done without spending a lot of money.

Each date comes with conversation starters, because the grass is greener where you water it. Time, attention, and connection are the best ways to strengthen your relationship.


So if you're looking for ways to add some excitement to your relationship, download these fun date night ideas!


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