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Tap On That using Emotional Freedom Techniques
is being narrated as requested - it will be back soon!

Is stress and anxiety destroying your relationships, your job, your life?

Do you avoid going out because you're afraid of having a panic attack?

Is worrying about everything keeping you up at night?

Are you having trouble staying focused and completing tasks?

Do fearful thoughts continuously run through your mind on repeat?

If you want relief from stress and anxiety you are in the right place!

Disease in the body is dis-ease and there needs to be a shift of thought, movement or something else to shift that energy. The definition of emotion - is energy in motion. We can make that change in our energy with Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

"A tool that allows you to release what's blocking the powers of healing"

- Carol Tuttle, on EFT

I've tried it all... medication, meditation, vitamins, supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, energy balancing, reiki, chakra balancing, diets and exercise... 

And finally, I found hope.

I started with a goal to heal my anxiety.

But what I ended up with was a brand new life! 

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Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to:

- Overcome your negative feelings of anxiety, stress, or overwhelm

-Change unwanted behaviours and habits

- Replace negative thoughts with life enhancing ones

- Relieve the emotional contributors to physical pain

- Overcome resistance to change

- Relieve past traumas

- Lose weight and let go of the fear, shame , and guilt around food

- Eliminate phobias and fears

- Reduce adrenaline, cortisol, and nor-epinephrine, calm the stress       response and all the body to naturally heal itself

"These stress-reduction techniques healed my marriage, my parenting frustrations, my financial concerns, I fall asleep with ease now. I'm motivated, inspired, and want to share this with the rest of the world!" - Kimberly Michelle


- Increase the positive hormones to heal your body DHEA

- Increase your tolerance, compassion, and patience

- Boost your creativity and be inspired

- Positively change the dynamics to all of your relationships

- Create loving and healthy partnerships

- Make money and achieve your dreams

- Enhance the ability to love, succeed, and enjoy life

- Learn to transform your negative feelings into neutral or positive 

- Quickly and easily return to your inner peace anytime you choose

I'm offering my Tap On That course with demonstrations for you to experience EFT for yourself, without having to leave the country and get certified. 

(Of course you might end up loving it as much as I do and wanting to get certified to help others too!)


EFT Course with tapping demonstrations!

Stream directly to your device.

Buying it here gives you a HUGE discount, almost FREE!

But you must ACT NOW as the offer is only available HERE.

I spent over $2000 learning all of this. 

You can have it all for just $97

At the risk of sounding like an infommercial and screaming "Wait There's More"... there really actually is more. I wanted to make sure you were as successful as possible with EFT and created you the start of your Personal Peace Procedure a workbook with over 50 pages to help you explore your emotions, dig deeper and heal the emotional intensity.

Because the "what to say and how to say it" can be really uncomfortable in the beginning I've created you a Tapping Scripts workbook too, another 26 pages of pre-written tapping rounds, and additional Universal Issues so you can practice and be confident in your new skills. 


And because your success is so important to me, I also offer 30 day support groups, where we tap together everyday, and I answer any questions you may have and offer custom written scripts just for you. This is the best way to borrow benefits (sharing energy), make a commitment to work on yourself daily, accountability of a participation. Join me and other like minded Tappers on your healing journey.

Book Cover Mockup.jpg

I’m so excited to share the profound effects of Emotional Freedom Techniques with you, it’s a great modality to reduce emotional intensity for all of life’s challenges.


After completing the course “Tap On That – for Emotional Freedom” you will have a clear understanding of how EFT is applied. In this booklet scripts have been provided to increase your tapping confidence and success, beginning with Universal Issues it  provides inspiration and ideas before creating your own.


The greatest success comes from personalizing your tapping scripts with your own descriptive language. Additional support in creating your own scripts can be found in the Personal Peace Procedure Workbook available at


I encourage you to create your tapping journal to record personal thoughts, emotions, and aspects in your Personal Peace Procedure, this will ultimately give you the most rewarding results.

Book Cover Mockup.jpg

I've created a Personal Peace Procedure workbook for you; where you can Journal your thoughts, emotions and experiences. Delving into your experiences and personalizing the tapping scripts will ultimately give you the most rewarding results while using Emotional Freedom Techniques.


Our subconscious mind is processing exponentially more information than our conscious mind every second; recording every detail without bias. We can have core issues without being consciously aware of them, the Personal Peace Procedure gives you the opportunity to explore any deeply embedded emotions. You are creating the framework for your personalized tapping scripts with these details. If you would like additional scripts you can find the booklet on my website.


Inside this eBook you will find 54 pages of templates and worksheets to really dig deep and find the issues you need to tap on to find relief:


The EFT “Basic Recipe”

Core Belief Breakdowns

“Digging Deeper” questions

Timeline Template

Event Detail Template

Core Beliefs

Exploring Your History


Exploring Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs






Secondary Gains

Journal prompts

Emotional Exploration

I want you to live stress and anxiety free too!

For just $97, you can get the results I did too!
But this limited time offer is ONLY available here, so don't miss out... 
Have the stress-free life you want, for just a fraction of its regular price!

Grab it quick before the offer runs out... 

*Conditions apply - client must complete the course and contact within 7 days of purchase, & participate in a 1-on-1 session at Kimberly Michelle's discretion. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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