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Couple's Counselling Services

Kimberly Michelle, RPC-C 

Are you frustrated in your relationship? Having the same arguments over and over again, in a cycle you can't seem to break on your own? Not feeling heard or validated? Fed up and thinking about ending the marriage? 


10 Most Common Reasons People Attend

Couple's Counselling:

   1. Poor Communication

   2. Infidelity

   3. Financial Problems

   4. Meddling In-Laws

   5. Parenting

   6. Relationship Disillusionment

   7. Abuse*

   8. Job Stress

   9. Substance Abuse*

   10. Jealousy

I believe in combining modalities for a holistic healing approach. My passion is sharing information with everyone, so they can have the skills to navigate whatever comes their way in life. Client centered therapy offers you the control to set the pace and direction towards your goals.


Couples can expect education and skill building in a structured and neutral setting. Learn new communication skills, help  problem solving issues, balance responsibilities, navigate conflict resolution, establish healthy boundaries, reduce stress intensity, taking responsibility, help to forgive & release the past and move forward.

I can help you shift current challenges, break unhelpful habits and begin to experience life differently.

We'll working together in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, where I can help you build upon your strengths, gain greater awareness and understanding, develop helpful perspectives, and learn practical strategies and techniques that apply to your interactions not only with each other but in every relationship in your life.

Working from a 10 session evidence-based frame work, you can expect changes to be noticeable and quickly. Discover new ways of dealing with the challenges in your relationship, and start to experience life together more fully and joyfully, and have a relationship that's not just surviving but THRIVING!

Sessions are offered for in-person, or telehealth services both by telephone and online video conference options.  

To arrange a free consultation please email:

All Couple's Sessions are 80 minute sessions

$216 +gst

EMT and Debit accepted.

* physical abuse and substance use is outside the scope  of this practice.

Please seek a practitioner specializing in these domains.

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