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Welcome to, an international support group for mental health self-help resources.

And Peace of Mind Counselling, the brick and mortar office for counselling services.


I'm Kimberly Michelle, RPC-C a clinical counsellor who is passionate about empowering everyone to take control of their mental health wellbeing.


I create mental health self-help resources to help you heal yourself, giving everyone access to professional resources without waitlists or being cost prohibitive. Counselling is a great opportunity to feel heard, to explore your struggles and to learn new coping skills, but I understand it's not always an option.


If you are stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, I create courses, eBooks, and recorded modality sessions for you  to get the help and support you need to start thriving instead of just surviving. 

Everything I share is evidence-based, and I know it works because it's exactly what I use each and every day to manage my anxiety.


About 10 years ago, I had anxiety and panic attacks so severe I was agoraphobic - I couldn't leave my house. 


But when I cried for help, there was none. A prescription from my Dr. that gave me migraines, and the offer to see the Psychiatrist was a 12-18 month wait list.

No one teaches us about our mental health, let alone give us tools that actually work. I was desperate, so I set out to heal myself. Let me save you the decade of struggles and speed up feeling better for you. 


My agoraphobia is gone, my Seasonal Affective Disorder is gone, and I finally feel like me again.


I went back to school so I could help you too! You can find those 70 ways to help yourself here


I have a deep commitment to mental health advocacy and education.


I believe that everyone deserves access to the help and support they need to thrive. 


This is why I share many self-help resources that are available free of charge on my social media channels and every week I open up a thread to answer any mental health questions you might have. 

You can heal yourself.


Let me show you how. 

Cheers! Kim

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